We are proud to announce the launch of VAR Edu, Penn State Behrend’s only immersive-capable classroom. This strategic unit of the VAR Lab officially launched during the spring semester 2022 in Fasenmyer 200 of the Science Complex. 

The program was established in response to a growing demand for immersive access on the Behrend campus. It is difficult and inefficient to work with immersive technologies without a specialized space capable of hosting such experiences. The primary goal of VAR Edu is to facilitate the efficient integration of immersive technologies in classroom integrations, outreach events, and on-campus events.   

VAR Edu offers a range of programs and simulations, spanning all disciplines. These hands-on experiences are designed to engage students and faculty in new and innovative ways, allowing them to explore complex concepts and interact with digital environments in a way that was previously impossible. 

The space is equipped with a range of technology, including a fleet of wireless Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets, high-end wired VR headsets, VR-ready PC stations, TVs for casting, and a UVC clean box (Ultraviolet-C) for sanitizing the equipment between uses. The combination of this equipment allows us to efficiently facilitate immersive experiences at scale. 

The launch of VAR Edu represents a significant step forward for VAR Lab and it demonstrates our commitment to providing cutting-edge educational experiences to its students. We are excited for the future of this strategic unit!