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Establishment of a Unified Experience Catalog

Penn State's VAR Edu at the Behrend campus and the IMEX Lab at the University Park campus have joined forces to create a comprehensive catalog of available immersive experiences. This unified resource compiles Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 360-degree video content from various marketplaces into a convenient and easy-to-navigate one-stop-shop.  The catalog addresses a common

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Media Mention: Behrend Beacon VAR Edu

"Var Edu: An Immersive Experience at Behrend" is a great article published by The Behrend Beacon that highlights a new initiative at Penn State Behrend aimed at providing students with an innovative and engaging educational experience, and I would like to thank both the organization and The Behrend Beacon for sharing it. Check out the

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A 2022 End-of-year Review for VAR Edu

Reflecting on the past year, we are pleased to report that 2022 was a highly successful year for VAR Edu, Behrend's immersive Open Lab. The program established a strong presence on campus and was accessible to anyone interested in learning about immersive technologies.  In Spring 2022, VAR Edu introduced open hours for the final 8

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Awarded $100,000 Learning Space Improvement Grant for VAR Edu

VAR Edu, Behrend's immersive Open Lab, has been awarded a $100,000 grant by the Learning Space Committee to enhance the learning environment. The grant proposal was authored and submitted by Dr. Chris Shelton, the Director, and Marcus Jacobs, the graduate project manager, in Fall 2022. The funds will be used to equip the space with

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Hosting our first Family and Alumni event in VAR Edu

VAR Edu, Behrend's immersive classroom located in Fasenmyer 200, recently participated in Penn State’s Parents, Families, and Alumni Weekend event hosted on campus in the Fall of 2022. On Saturday October 15th from 10am-4pm, all were welcome to come in and experience immersive technologies for themselves. VAR Edu was filled with activity as people, ranging

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Media Mention: BSOB Newsletter – VAR Lab Partnership

In the "Did you know" column of the Penn State Behrend Black School of Business newsletter, it was revealed that the school is a leading partner in Behrend's Virtual/Augmented Reality (VAR) Lab. This innovative partnership is allowing students to experience immersive learning like never before. Head over to page 3 of the newsletter at

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Media Mention: Behrend – Nursing Integration

Thank you to Penn State Behrend for sharing this article about the use of virtual reality (VR) simulations in nursing education. The article discusses how VR technology is being used by nursing professor, Dr. Amy Morgan, to provide students with hands-on experience in a safe and controlled environment. The article explains how the technology works

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Launch of VAR Edu – Behrend’s Immersive Open Lab

We are proud to announce the launch of VAR Edu, Penn State Behrend’s only immersive-capable classroom. This strategic unit of the VAR Lab officially launched during the spring semester 2022 in Fasenmyer 200 of the Science Complex.  The program was established in response to a growing demand for immersive access on the Behrend campus. It

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Media Mentions: IT News 2021 – VAR Edu

Thank you to Behrend Information Technology Services for publishing the Fall 2021 ASG News, which features a section on VAR Edu, a virtual and augmented reality educational program that provides hands-on learning experiences for students. Click here to read the article:

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