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Establishment of a Unified Experience Catalog

Penn State's VAR Edu at the Behrend campus and the IMEX Lab at the University Park campus have joined forces to create a comprehensive catalog of available immersive experiences. This unified resource compiles Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 360-degree video content from various marketplaces into a convenient and easy-to-navigate one-stop-shop.  The catalog addresses a common

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Establishment of the Matchbox Studio focused on the creation of 3D assets

VAR Studios has launched the MatchBox Studio, a compact 3D asset creation machine built into a box that is located in the Merwin Building's industrial Highbay. The Merwin Building, part of the Knowledge Park business park near Penn State Behrend, houses numerous companies, including the VAR Lab headquarters. The MatchBox Studio is one of 11

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Faculty Affiliate/Associate Program Launched to Encourage Collaboration and Innovation

The VAR Lab is excited to announce the formal launch of its Affiliate & Associate Program, which provides exciting opportunities to foster a collaborative environment. This program is open to Behrend faculty and staff who wish to engage more closely with the VAR Lab. It offers individuals access to additional resources, equipment, and expertise.  The

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Capturing 3D Models of Our Team!

Matchbox Studio is thrilled to announce an ongoing project that will showcase our exceptional team in a creative, fun, and personable way through the creation of a 3D model member catalog! Remington Orange, the project manager, has meticulously planned the workflow and is now capturing the scans, completing the post-processing, and publishing the 3D models

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Streamlining Success: Introducing Our New Project Management Office

The VAR Lab is excited to announce the creation of a Project Management Office (PMO). As the Lab continues to grow and take on increasingly complex projects, a dedicated PMO will help to better manage resources, reduce project risks, and ultimately deliver better results towards achieving the Lab's mission.  The PMO will be responsible for

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Chancellor’s State of the College Address Spotlights the VAR Lab

On March 1, 2023, Dr. Ralph Ford, the Chancellor of Penn State Behrend, delivered his annual State of the College address, during which he discussed Behrend's Open Lab environment. The VAR Lab was showcased as one of the Open Lab initiatives that provide Behrend students with a diverse set of experiences. This recognition demonstrates the

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New VR Run Through Series being produced in the XR Cast Studio

Remington Orange, a producer at XRcast Studio, is leading a new series called VR RunThroughs that will feature a rotating selection of hosts. The hosts will complete various VR programs from start to finish, showcasing the controls, navigational menu, and all activities within the program. They will specifically highlight ease of navigation, comfort level, and

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Exciting News: VAR Lab Secures First Graduate Assistantship Position!

We are excited to announce the creation of our first graduate assistantship within the VAR Lab! Being able to provide graduate students working within the VAR Lab with assistantships is a huge milestone for the lab and it’s goal of providing enriching experiences to student workers while also ensuring they are fairly compensated for their

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New VR Podcast Series called VAR Travels Launched in the XRcast Studio

Remington Orange, producer at the XRcast Studio, is spearheading a new series called VAR Travels, with co-hosts Marcus Jacobs and Lauren Cass.  VAR Travels is a mixed reality podcast that uses the Google Earth VR program to take the audience on a global journey. The program is unique in that it provides comprehensive visual data

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A 2022 End-of-year Review for VAR Edu

Reflecting on the past year, we are pleased to report that 2022 was a highly successful year for VAR Edu, Behrend's immersive Open Lab. The program established a strong presence on campus and was accessible to anyone interested in learning about immersive technologies.  In Spring 2022, VAR Edu introduced open hours for the final 8

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