Matchbox Studio is thrilled to announce an ongoing project that will showcase our exceptional team in a creative, fun, and personable way through the creation of a 3D model member catalog! Remington Orange, the project manager, has meticulously planned the workflow and is now capturing the scans, completing the post-processing, and publishing the 3D models of the VAR Lab’s members onto Sketchfab. These models were created using iPad-based LiDAR and Structured Light scanners, which captured the full bodies of the focus participants in a starfish pose. After capturing the scan, each person selected an animation from a catalog of available animations, and Remington rigged the model and combined it with the selected animation in Sketchfab. Once the embed was perfected, the models were ready to be conveniently displayed directly on the VAR Lab’s “Our Team” page. (Link: Our Team – Virtual/Augmented Reality (VAR) Lab ( 

Remington Orange began capturing models of the VAR Lab members during the Spring 2023 semester. Any members who he was unable to capture during the spring will be captured during the Fall 2023 semester. The scanning and post-processing took place in the VAR Lab’s main space in Merwin. 

Learn more about the Matchbox Studio here! (Link: Matchbox Studio – Virtual/Augmented Reality (VAR) Lab (