The VAR Lab is excited to announce the formal launch of its Affiliate & Associate Program, which provides exciting opportunities to foster a collaborative environment. This program is open to Behrend faculty and staff who wish to engage more closely with the VAR Lab. It offers individuals access to additional resources, equipment, and expertise. 

The VAR Lab has already been working with a large interdisciplinary group of people for some time. However, as more individuals become aware of and excited about the VAR Lab’s work, it has become evident that the organization must establish a more formalized process for involving others. 

An affiliate position is ideal for those who are enthusiastic about the VAR Lab’s ongoing immersive initiatives and events and want to stay informed and provide feedback. Affiliates provide valuable assistance in expanding the breadth of the VAR Lab’s work. An associate position is ideal for those who want to play an active and essential role in shaping the VAR Lab’s future. They steer the organization and contribute to making an impact on the Behrend community. 

Moreover, a parallel program (launching in the near future) welcomes Commonwealth Affiliates and Community Affiliates, individuals who are closely aligned with the VAR Lab within the Commonwealth of Penn State and the Erie community. 

The Affiliate & Associate Program was developed during the Spring 2023 semester, and applications are now being accepted. Please direct any inquiries and submit a letter of intent to become an affiliate or associate to