The VAR Lab is excited to announce the creation of a Project Management Office (PMO). As the Lab continues to grow and take on increasingly complex projects, a dedicated PMO will help to better manage resources, reduce project risks, and ultimately deliver better results towards achieving the Lab’s mission. 

The PMO will be responsible for ensuring that all projects are properly planned, executed, and monitored across all three strategic units (VAR Lab, VAR Studios, and VAR Edu). This includes defining project management methodologies, establishing standards and best practices, and providing guidance and support to project teams. The PMO will also play a key role in driving project prioritization, resource allocation, and portfolio management across the organization. 

To lead this new initiative, we are pleased to introduce our Head of PMO, Marcus Jacobs, who is a Graduate Project Manager with the VAR Lab while pursuing a Master of Project Management degree. Marcus has been involved for several years and has a proven track record of driving successful project outcomes. He will be responsible for building out the PMO team, defining processes and procedures, and implementing tools and technologies to support project management across the organization. 

The VAR Lab is confident that the establishment of the PMO will help to deliver even greater value to Behrend College and the Erie region.