VAR Studios’ Aerial Operations Unit is delighted to announce the acquisition of the Skydio 2+, a significant enhancement to our research and creative capabilities.  

The Skydio 2+ is a remarkable offering from Skydio, a leading U.S. drone manufacturer renowned for its autonomous drones powered by artificial intelligence. This upgrade in their consumer-oriented line boasts an advanced autonomous flight system, simplifying navigation in intricate environments. Additionally, our purchase includes the 3D Scan software, an impressive feature that empowers our drones to autonomously perform photogrammetry and capture 3D scans at a building scale.  

This acquisition, made in February 2023, brings a new capability to the Aerial Operations Unit, bolstering our aerial capturing abilities, which will greatly contribute to innovative research and support diverse projects. 

The Skydio 2+ will be housed within VAR Studios’ space in the Merwin Building of Knowledge Park on the Penn State Behrend campus. 

This milestone was made possible through the generous support of Behrend’s Corporate Strategy and External Engagement Office, which sponsored the drone’s purchase. Their backing underscores our shared commitment to investing in cutting-edge technology that will be instrumental in engaging with local industries and communities, as well as producing content for the Knowledge Park business park. 

Stay tuned for updates on the exciting projects and breakthroughs we anticipate with our new Skydio 2+!