Project Description

In March 2023, VAR Edu organized an immersive experience as part of MKTG 343: Introduction to Marketing Analytics, taught by Professor Sean Yim. The class comprised twenty students who were introduced to both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. The objective of these experiences was to demonstrate how these technologies can enhance 3D product design, ideation, and create innovative ways to connect with customers. The integration took place during the regular class time, lasting for an hour and 20 minutes. 

To begin, the students utilized Gravity Sketch, a VR tool specifically designed for creating 3D models. They gained practical experience manipulating and modifying 3D models in real-time. 

For the AR segment, the students used ten iPad minis, provided by the Media Commons initiative through the University Libraries, to access various iOS apps. They engaged with Wanna Kicks, an AR app that allows customers to browse a selection of shoes and virtually “try on” different styles by visualizing them on their own feet. They also interacted with the Harvard Business Review’s interactive AR article through the HBR AR app. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to experiment with Adobe Aero, an AR creation tool, which demonstrated that creating their own AR experiences was within reach. 

This integration proved highly advantageous for marketing students as it provided them with familiarity and practical exposure to these emerging technologies, which are increasingly relevant in the field. It empowered them with new ways to engage with their teams and tailor the customer experience, fostering innovative approaches to marketing.