VAR Lab recently acquired the capability to do LiDAR scans via our acquisition if the FARO FOCUS s70. VAR is the first organization at Penn State to acquire a FARO scanner as advanced as this one and we plan to put it to good use! LiDAR allows us to scan environments or objects to be viewed and used in three-dimensional space and with mixed-reality, such as  VR and AR. LiDAR has numerous applications including but not limited to, creating scans to be used in CAD, and creating scans of historical artifacts, objects, or buildings, for preservation and education. Currently, VAR is using the FOCUS s70 for a number of projects, such as creating scans of historical buildings at Penn State Behrend that are either being renovated or torn down such as Erie Hall and the Federal Building. Another use is to create scans of artifacts from the Ft. LeBoeuf Historical Society to be used within a virtual reconstruction of Fort LeBoeuf. The Faro has been an instrumental addition to the lab and we are excited to discover its capabilities and expand our use of it in future projects.