VAR Studios, Behrend’s XR Makerspace, is proud to announce the recent acquisition of a pair of structured light scanners. These scanners increase our capabilities to efficiently create 3D assets from a variety of real-world objects. The technology uses flashing light and several camera sensors set at varying depths to capture the shape and texture of the object and then compile that into a model. 

Both scanners are from Artec’s lineup. The space spider is used for small objects and the Evo is best used for mid to large objects. These structured light scanners fill the gaps in VAR Studio’s 3D asset creation capabilities. Currently the capabilities only include creating building size models using a LiDAR scanner as well as an autonomous drone for photogrammetry.  

The Artec Studio software subscription was also included in the package deal. The software is powerful for quick creation, and it has a relatively simply learning curve which allows VAR Studio members, Behrend students, to create and edit advanced models with ease.