Project Description

The Landing Place is a mental health smartphone app under development. The self-help app will provide tailored help to users seeking to manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. The app will engage users in psychoeducation and provide tangible coping skills, focusing on emotion regulation among other domains. Our goal is to make The Landing Place free in order to address issues related to inequality of mental health treatment availability, accessibility, affordability, and/or acceptability. The first prototype is being developed to test within college student populations. Later iterations of the application will be targeted towards broader populations, especially marginalized populations.

Development is currently underway and we aim to have a working prototype by May 2023. The development team consists of Drs. Shelton and Elliott, as well as a wide range of graduate and undergraduate student content developers and programmers. This project was originally conceived by Dr. Shelton and Lerato Rametse and they were able to secure two graduate research scholarships to help support Lerato’s work.