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The Landing Place


The Landing Place is a mental health smartphone app under development. The self-help app will provide tailored help to users seeking to manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. The app will engage users in psychoeducation and provide tangible coping skills, focusing on emotion regulation among other domains. Our goal is to make The Landing

3D Scanning Roadshow Hosted at Behrend in Fall 2022


During the Fall 2022 semester, VAR Studios and Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) collaborated to host a 3D Scanning Roadshow event at the Penn State Behrend campus. The event welcomed Behrend faculty, staff, and students to the Merwin 214 lab space, where they could participate in and experience the 3D creation process firsthand. Some

Immersive Exhibits at the Hagen History Center


In the Spring of 2020, the VAR Lab teamed up with the Hagen History Center to bring the past to life through five interactive exhibits. The VAR Lab’s team included Dr. Chris Shelton, Marcus Jacobs, Lauren Cass, and Justin Williams. They focused on creating a unique and engaging experience for visitors to the museum.  Exhibit

Oliver Perry Immersive Telescope Exhibit – Hagen History Center in Erie, PA


VAR Lab is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest immersive exhibit, "The Perry Telescope: A Virtual Perspective," at the Hagen History Center in Erie, PA. This digital companion to a display case located alongside an interactive screen features Commodore Oliver "Hazard" Perry's telescope from the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of

Creation of a Virtual Hike of the Wintergreen Gorge


The Virtual Hike of the Wintergreen Gorge project was a unique opportunity for Penn State Behrend to showcase one of its local gems to the wider community. The project, which took place from February to June 2021, was the result of the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations approaching the VAR Lab at Behrend with a

The Immersive Behrend History Project


The aim of this project is to bring the history of Behrend to life using immersive reality (XR). Much of Penn State Behrend’s history is only available, through books, or by visiting the John M. Lilley Library to view the Penn State Behrend Archives. The archives offer an abundant collection of artifacts, documents, and audio/visual

Immersive Forensic Experiences


VAR Lab is collaborating with La Roche University (Department of Justice, Law and Security; CSI Lab) and Mercyhurst University (Applied Forensic Sciences undergraduate program and the Forensic and Biological Anthropology master’s program) individuals at to explore the potential for (a) lidar scanning in forensic settings and (b) creating immersive educational experiences for us by forensic

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