Project Description

The VAR Lab is proud to announce a recent collaboration with the Game Development minor’s capstone course to create a video game based here on the Behrend campus! A student group will construct an app-based game in the Unreal engine using real-world map data of our campus. Using our LIDAR scanners, the VAR Lab can provide point clouds that could be incorporated to further improve the detail of the project. The game will be attached to the Behrend Earth Virtual Tours, which are in production. Additionally, signage will be placed within the Gorge to advertise the game to the many patrons that visit regularly. Our game will subtly incorporate sustainability themes to educate the audience on how to care for the beauty they see around them. By placing objects in the same location in the game as they are in the real world, we will be able to bridge the gap between the game and reality. We will also accomplish a core value of VAR Lab, bringing VR/AR content to life!