Project Description

VAR Edu hosted an immersive integration during the Spring 2023 semester for two sections of the GAME 250/CMPSC: Technical Game Development course, which was led by Dr. Pulin Agrawal, an assistant professor of computer science and software engineering. In this course, students utilize the industry-leading Unreal Engine to develop programs. Typically, students in the course are limited to creating 2D programs accessible on desktop or in app format. However, in order to pique the students’ interest and demonstrate the possibilities, Dr. Agrawal organized a class at VAR Edu where students could explore the Unreal Engine and test their creations using VR headsets. 

Each section consisted of twenty students, who were divided into teams of four and assigned to one of the five available PC workstations at VAR Edu. The teams collaborated on developing VR programs, with multiple students working together on each workstation while one student served as the designated tester, immediately testing the changes implemented by the team in a Meta Quest 2 headset. 

This integration event stands out because, unlike other experiential activities, it involved active program development that was then experienced through VR headsets. VR development differs from traditional web-based product development, making it a valuable skillset to be exposed to for students studying game design.