Project Description

In spring 2023, VAR Edu hosted an immersive integration within two sections of MIS 204: Introduction to Management Information Systems, taught by Kyle Chalupczynski, a lecturer in MIS. The purpose of this experience was to familiarize students with the potential of virtual reality (VR) in the business field. As an introductory activity, the students utilized the Gravity Sketch program, which demonstrated the collaborative and 3D design/prototyping capabilities of VR. 

Due to the large class size of 45 students per section, the event had to be divided into two separate sessions. The entire class was split into two groups: Group A and Group B. Each group attended the event during their regular class time on their designated days, with one group attending on Friday and the other on the following Friday. 

Before the event, Chalupczynski assigned partners to the students and instructed them to create a blueprint of their ideal bedroom in a brief meeting. When the students arrived at VAR Edu on their designated day, one student engaged in the Gravity Sketch program to bring the blueprint to life as agreed upon by the partners. Meanwhile, the other student attended a PowerPoint presentation that showcased various real-world examples of how companies incorporate VR and augmented reality (AR) in the business realm. After approximately 20 minutes, the students would rotate roles. The student who attended the presentation would then join the 3D canvas where their partner left off, continuing the bedroom design. 

To conclude the activity, the second student recorded a short video showcasing their creation. These videos were collected by Chalupczynski to present to the entire class in subsequent sessions. This unique and engaging approach provided MIS students with an introduction to VR technology and initiated their journey towards immersive literacy, a skillset that is likely to hold significant market value in the future.