Remington Orange, a producer at XRcast Studio, is leading a new series called VR RunThroughs that will feature a rotating selection of hosts. The hosts will complete various VR programs from start to finish, showcasing the controls, navigational menu, and all activities within the program. They will specifically highlight ease of navigation, comfort level, and interactivity. 

One of the benefits of the series is that the audience doesn’t need a headset to experience the immersive program. This makes it easier for faculty members who are browsing through the catalog to select programs for use in their courses. While some prefer to experience the program themselves, others prefer to watch from a distance. The videos cater to both groups because even faculty members who have experienced the program are interested in watching someone else go through it again for reference during the creation of course materials. 

Official production of VR RunThroughs for publishing began in March 2023 within the XRcast Studio. The series will focus on programs that are of particular interest within VAR Edu, and requests for specific programs can be made.  

To view the latest VR RunThroughs, check out this playlist: VAR Travels – YouTube 

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