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New VR Run Through Series being produced in the XR Cast Studio

Remington Orange, a producer at XRcast Studio, is leading a new series called VR RunThroughs that will feature a rotating selection of hosts. The hosts will complete various VR programs from start to finish, showcasing the controls, navigational menu, and all activities within the program. They will specifically highlight ease of navigation, comfort level, and

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New VR Podcast Series called VAR Travels Launched in the XRcast Studio

Remington Orange, producer at the XRcast Studio, is spearheading a new series called VAR Travels, with co-hosts Marcus Jacobs and Lauren Cass.  VAR Travels is a mixed reality podcast that uses the Google Earth VR program to take the audience on a global journey. The program is unique in that it provides comprehensive visual data

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Establishment of the XRcast Studio within VAR Studios

VAR Studios is thrilled to announce the launch of a new studio space that expands our production capabilities. The XRcast podcasting studio is designed to capture mixed reality content, with limitless use cases for creating more engaging course materials, producing VR RunThroughs of various virtual reality programs, entertainment. Faculty can use these reviews to choose

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